Quality control of Soldering prototype


The customer has had already implemented a solution witch uses classical object recognition to identify, but he was not satisfied with the results.


  • There was not reliable accuracy of quality control.
  • Because of high standards in his industry.

Our Solutions

We provided a function prototype solution to soldering control by vision system using deep neural networks. Today, a system designed in this way represents a fast and efficient method of defectoscopy.

Soldered bulbs come out of the automated line and pass a functionality test. When these bulbs are fitted to primary production, a number of strict quality criteria need to be met, which are not purely related to functionality. For this reason, it is necessary to perform a final inspection of the quality of the bulb, where the classical methods fail to meet these high criteria in the required quality.

Benefits and results:

  • Reliable solution with more than 90% accuracy
  • Ability to operate 24/7
  • Higher quality of output product

Further studies

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